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Stop 17 - News

Completed in 1916, these 3 units originally housed from left to right, the Farmers Bank, barbershop and candy store.
The original bank vault remains inside The Wine Closet. In 1920's thieves attempted to break into the bank by removing iron window bars in the rear.  Police found a detached car axle attached by chain to the window.  The bars bent by the burglary attempt can still be seen today.
A barbershop operated in the middle unit for almost 80 years. In 1923, Hudson Perry gained notoriety as the only left-handed barber in the territory. Some patrons were reportedly unnerved by a leftie swinging a razor.
In 1926 the right unit became Camarillo News, the county's first weekly morning paper. By 1977, it was publishing daily with a Sunday edition at larger location.

A popular column in the Daily News
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